westbrooke real | amendment to investment mandate

 I/We, hereby consent and agree to the amendment of the investment mandate and agency agreement (Agreement) concluded with Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management Proprietary Limited signed by me/us in 2023, to provide for the widening of the investment mandate to provide for and permit the investment by Westbrooke on my/our behalf into investment holding structures that are not limited to en commandite partnerships, on the basis that all references to Partnerships in the Agreement shall be references to en commandite partnerships and/or any other types of investment holding structures, as determined at the discretion of Westbrooke. Pursuant thereto, (i) the mandate in the Agreement is expanded to appoint and allow Westbrooke to enter into, on  my/our behalf, any type of relationship agreement governing my/our rights as a holder of beneficial interests in any type of investment holding structure, and (ii) my/our Participation Interests shall either be partnership interests, as limited partners, in en commandite partnerships managed by Westbrooke (or its nominee), and/or beneficial interests in any other type of investment holding structure managed by Westbrooke (or its nominee).