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This is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding more about capital raising and the relationship between risk and return.

For founders and executives, raising capital is always a hot topic. Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation and the “capital stack” is an important and complicated area of finance that far too many entrepreneurs don’t have a proper understanding of.

Jonti Osher (Head of Private Debt in South Africa) and Brent Blankfield (Fund Manager – Private Debt) focus on flexible capital solutions. In this interview, they share their advice on how to make a business more attractive to an investor like Westbrooke.

The discussion covered:

  • The critical importance of the management team and the need to build partnerships around the companies that Westbrooke invests in
  • The extent to which Westbrooke performs a due diligence on the management team, not just the business
  • The niche in which Westbrooke plays, focusing on speed of execution and an ability to do value-adding lending transactions that are usually too small for investment banks
  • The approach taken in assessing a business for a debt-led investment strategy, with an equity kicker for Westbrooke as part of a hybrid funding strategy
  • The ways in which to make a business more investable for Westbrooke

Listen to the full episode here:

The Magic Markets podcast is hosted by The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla. Previous interviews with our team members can be found here:

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