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In Episode 118, Saul Maserow and Dino Zuccollo discussed our new Renewable Energy Alternatives investment strategy – Westbrooke REAL. The Westbrooke REAL strategy is to invest in and partner with small and medium-scale embedded generation solar projects. Investors can participate in the returns generated by such projects which are further enhanced by tax incentives, that has recently been expanded by government.

Westbrooke REAL strategy provides investors with access to a portfolio of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects underpinned by long-term cash flows through power purchase agreements concluded with high-quality end-users. This unique investment structure allows clients to enhance the normal 125% Section 12B tax deduction to up to 250% of their cash invested, thereby providing for a full return of their investments within a maximum 2-year period. Notwithstanding the short capital repayment period, investors will thereafter remain invested in a high-quality solar project that will deliver them attractive yields of up to 20 years.

Although Westbrooke REAL is not open to public investors, we welcome conversations with project owners who are looking for capital in significant solar projects.

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