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The UK is a complex investment environment, driven by factors including the impact of political decisions, the cost-of-living crisis, increased energy costs, high inflation and rising interest rates.

In episode 99 of the Magic Markets podcast, Richard Asherson, who heads up Westbrooke UK, shared his views on the risks and opportunities that exist in the current landscape.

The conversation covered topics such as:

  • What is an asymmetrical risk / return profile and how does one achieve this in a debt-led investment structure?
  • How do current rates in the UK compare to long-term averages?
  • What are the impacts of inflation on dealmaking and debt in company structures?
  • How do private company portfolios perform in this environment?
  • To what extent are UK consumers and businesses under pressure?
  • How does Westbrooke adapt its investment approach in these challenging times?
  • Are there unique opportunities which arise in this context?
  • How do exit strategies evolve over time?

Listen to the full episode here:

The Magic Markets podcast is hosted by The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla. Listen to previous interviews with our team members here:

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