project hero | confidentiality undertaking

  • I hereby confirm that I understand that the information included in this document is confidential in nature
  • I agree not to share the information contained in this document with anybody outside of my organisation
  • I agree that when sharing this document internally, I will do so in a password protected manner that does not compromise the confidentiality of the document in any way
  • I agree only to use the contents of this document in pursuance of the decision as to whether or not to invest in the Project Hero transaction, and for no other purpose
  • I agree to keep confidential the contents of this document for a minimum period of 2 years post my receipt thereof
  • This undertaking shall not apply to information which is freely available in the public, or which it can be demonstrated was received by me through a bona fide third party who is not connected to Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management or its affiliates