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Westbrooke Capital Management Special Opportunities En Commandite Partnership (“Westbrooke Special
Opportunities Fund”) provided significant alpha for investors with a return of 11.0% in a challenging 2016 equity
market. Over a 4 year period the Westbrooke Special Opportunities Fund has delivered an annualised return of
16.8% per annum.
Westbrooke Special Opportunities Fund follows a unique investment strategy with a focus on special opportunities in
South African small-mid cap listed companies. The fund invests in a manner more closely aligned to private equity
and investment banking capitalising on event driven situations and playing an active shareholder role to unlock value,
including through board representation.
The awards recognise the best risk-adjusted returns of alternative strategies and hedge funds in South Africa and the
broader Africa region each calendar year, based on an established methodology and independently verified data
submitted to the HedgeNews.
Please contact us should you require further information.

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